a penis or a vagina
some sausage and a hymen
too much lube and a picture tube
bad attitude with a tooth loose
smelly breath and a wet perm
loose lips that spread germs
pants are so tight i get denim burns
don't look now i got a bat in the cave
crooked smile welcomes you
to some hot spot in the middle of the bed
i got blood clots in my hip
i might have kids
the house next door has a man who get's his
the lady across the street tries to see me
as i'm jerking watching tv
in the reflection of myself spanking i see Gee OHH Dee
laughing and crying as the world keeps trying
to replace his name with jewelry
or cars and overpriced computers so they can look at porn
every 3 seconds a child is born into a world
that can't give him a hug
cause he's got a little gut and has sex without a glove
i need love
in the worst way on my birthday stressing me out
turning my chest hair grey
i bend over in the mirror and see a starfish
give it a kiss