Breathe a sigh of relief
There will be no puddle it was only a queef
Be a gentleman under the sheets
When you find your lover sleeping on the streets
Try to lend a helping hand
There’s more to life than wearing a name brand
Like young kids in Thailand
Popping boners in stitches sewn by young hands
Always try to crack a smile
Get your walk down and try work on that hairstyle
Never sodomize god’s child
But a squirrel or a cow every once in awhile
Where did all the ivory go?
I jerk in little cups and let it freeze slow
How do I know what I know?
I’m in his back pocket everywhere that we go
I got to do the best that I can
I'm a lonely man strolling through God's land
I’m standing in front of the school band
With my What Would Jesus Do? microphone stand